Secure Overcast - InfoCast Security Operations Manager

Security Operations Manager provides businesses of all sizes with robust capabilities typically reserved for only high-budget security operations. InfoCast provides businesses with an affordable alternative to developing their own internal, and very costly continuous cyber security operations infrastructure.

InfoCast  integrates data from all your IT and security devices into one comprehensive monitoring and correlation solution, providing an integrated SOC platform for in-depth security management. InfoCast consolidates and analyzes data from across your network, capturing critical security intelligence and providing real-time insight into vulnerably and risk.

All Your Security Information In One Platform…At Your Fingertips!

Security Operations Management, Continuous Protection For Your Business
InfoCast Incident Response Workflow manages all Incident Response tasks, executing automated readiness plans while provides comprehensive reports, dashboards and security analytics to manage every aspect of security operations.

InfoCast provides your team with the the tools to manage security operations, and the security intelligence for 360-Degree situational awareness.
Visualizing threat intelligence and event history allows InfoCast to provide your team situational security awareness of an incident and any potentially related events that may be part of a larger attack.

InfoCast manages and automates the response to security alerts and incidents identified by existing monitoring and detection systems. Combining all that information into one cohesive SOC platform that manages your entire security infrastructure.
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