Secure Overcast - Sentry Security System (s3)

Secure Overcast's products and services combat today's Advanced Persistent Threats (APT's), by putting technology where it belongs. The
Sentry Security System (S3) is designed from the ground up to stop advanced cyber attacks, and protect against network vulnerabilities and targeted malware threats.

Each component of the S3 platform features advanced technology that provides state-of-the-art tools to analyze vulnerabilities, mitigate cyber threats and identify compromised systems before they compromise your business!
The S3 platform Provides A Full-Stack Security Solutions Architecture  

A Comprehensive 360-Degree Security Solutions Platform  

The S3 platform is an enhanced security solutions deployment that far exceeds traditional security defenses - which can't provide complete end-to-end vulnerability & penetration assessment, advanced intrusion detection or stop advanced hacker threats. The S3 platform provides 360-degree security coverage where other security deployments lack critical components for real-time incident response & readyness.

The S3 platform is an advanced security mesh utilizing combinations of our Secure Sentinel, Sentrys, Snares and SentryVOS Virtual Appliances. Each S3 component can perform independently, or in parallel with any other S3 component or 3rd party platform, providing an intelligent security mesh of advanced threat protection that is extremely dynamic, highly configurable and easily integrates with existing technology.

The S3 platform can be operated and monitored internally or be combined with Secure Overcast's  Advanced Threat Intelligence & Security Operations Center, which provides Managed Security Services (MSS) to identify advanced persistent threats and cyber attacks in real-time. Providing incident response and  actionable intelligence for threat mitigation in real-time.

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