Secure Overcast - Sentinel

Sentinel is a high-capacity Host System, specifically designed to provide advanced security management for large enterprises and service providers. The Sentinel enables you to host any number of virtual appliances and centrally manage all your security devices. 
A Robust High-Capacity Security Solutions Platform

Desgned To Scale With The A Growing IT Infrestructure
The Sentinel is a robust and flexible security appliance that meets enterprise requirements of large scale, efficient configuration and security lifecycle management across distributed networks.
A a full-depth rack-mountable hardware appliance, designed to scale with the largest networks. The Sentinel platform can be deployed as an all-in-one device to both monitor traffic and perform real-time threat detection. The Sentinel platform can also be deployed in combination with standard Sentrys and Snare Sensors to monitor traffic while performing analysis and correlation of threats based on peak data from all your security devices.
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