Secure Overcast - Sentry

Sentry simplifies security deployment and real-time Intrusion and Threat Detection to clearly identify advanced cyber threats. The Sentry is an intelligent security appliance that can monitor and receive event data directly from any security device, and analyze persistent threats in real-time.

Although, "Big Hardware" security appliances, like the Sentinels are extremely robust and preferred for high-throughput large-capacity networks, those appliances are not practical for the majority of network endpoints. Those solutions - however effective - are simply too costly and resource intensive to deploy throughout the IT Infrastructure - especially when budgets are tight, dedicated security analyst are rare and IT resources are already overworked.

A Sentry is an ultra-compact all-in-one network security appliance that can be installed anywhere on your network, and can monitor and identify any cyber threats in your infrastructure.

Full-Stack, Ultra-Compact "Drop-In" Network Security Applaince

Monitors Network Traffic And Preforms Vulnerability Scanning
The Sentry tly captures event data, and correlates event logs from various S3 components, as-well-as other 3rd-party devices (IDS\IPS,  SIEMs, Firewalls, Routers, Etc.) for analyses and reporting.

The Sentry
monitors network traffic and coordinates vulnerability scanning and monitoring efforts to provide an intelligent security mesh, which provides an unprecedented level of visibility into your IT Infrastructure.
The Sentry can also be deployed in combination with Snare Sensors that monitor the perimeter and wireless traffic. The Sentry can perform the analysis and correlation of threats based on peak data from any Snare.

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