Secure Overcast - SentryVOS

The SentryVOS is a Virtual Security Appliance providing in-depth security while leveraging your existing virtualized environment. Optimized for virtual host deployments, itís designed to work reduce administrative overhead, and increase operational security.

It is a low-cost deployment that provides immediate security measures while leveraging the existing virtual infrastructure - no additional hardware is required.  It is a full-stack security platform that provides flexibility in both cost and deployment.

Reduce cost and complexity through virtual security
Advanced Protection, Including Cloud And Hosted Infrastructures
The SentryVOS offers the same advanced security features as our Sentry series hardware appliance, but hosted on your existing virtual infrastructure. 

It provides  a complete and integrated virtual security solution, with the flexibility to host anywhere you need advanced protection, including cloud based and hosted infrastructures.

Leverage your existing environment to streamline your security architecture!

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