Secure Overcast - SNARE Sensor
The Secure Network and Reconnaissance (SNARE) Sensor is a remote wired & Wireless security sensor designed to monitor, capture and send collected event data to a Sentry, to a third party SIEM or to any Syslog server for central storage, correlation and reporting.

Most companies, even those that deploy big hardware solutions, need an efficient wireless end-point threat detection solution that is cost-effective, resource sensitive and quickly deployable anywhere the organization needs "eyes and ears". A small form-factor, self contained solution capable of monitoring against advanced cyber attacks anywhere security is the weakest.


Capable Of Complete Wireless Assessment And Intrusion Monitoring
Snares monitor network traffic (both (A) wireless and (B) wired) to provide an unprecedented level of visibility into your IT Infrastructure. With a broad range of wired and wireless connectivity options, and integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, you can drop-in and connect Snares anywhere on your network.

The Snare is also capable of complete wireless assessment and monitoring, including: 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and Bluetooth - They are the perfect vulnerability assessment and penetration testing appliance. 
The Snare comes pre-configured with a comprehensive and full featured pen testing toolkit (over 150 tools). With the functionality to connect anywhere on your network (wired or wirelessly), and be remotely managed from anywhere in the world - it makes security testing and threat monitoring of your network cost-effective and extremely easy!

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