Secure Overcast - Penetration Testing
SecureOvercast is a global provider of innovative, sophisticated, rapidly deployable cybersecurity penetration testing services. Our penetration tests model attack scenarios as a means of testing the end-to-end security infrastructure, and identifying all security vulnerabilities.

A "Red Team" pentest is a real infrastructure attack without the risk of data loss or downtime. With our advanced attack tools, we can pentest any system utilizing real attack vectors of a  coordinated attacker, and impersonating their methods.

External Testing - Targets a company's externally visible servers or devices including domain name servers (DNS), e-mail & web servers and firewalls. The objective is to find out if an outside attacker can get in and how far they can get in once they've gained access.

Internal Testing - Mimics an inside attack, behind the firewall by an authorized user with standard access privileges. This kind of test is useful for estimating how much damage a disgruntled employee could cause.

Blind Testing (“Black Box”)  - simulates the actions and procedures of a real attacker by severely limiting the information given to the team. Typically, they may only be given the name of the company.

Double Blind Testing - Involves only one or two people within the organization who might be aware a test is being conducted. Useful for testing an organization's security monitoring and incident identification as well as its response procedures.

Our penetration testing services are aimed at providing your business with a clear understanding of your security infrastructure's overall effectiveness. Our sophisticated Defense-In-Depth testing methodologies provide you with the real-time state of your security infrastructure. Our penetration tests don’t just identify potential risks - we use the same attacks and methods that hackers do to test your systems, confirm risk and verify the viability and severity of vulnerabilities. We don't just make your security plan look great on paper, we physically determine how effective your security actually is in real-time!
    Network & Operations Penetration Testing
We use real-world attacks and methods to highlight vulnerabilities in a client network. Vulnerabilities from this assessment are exploited and documented to verify the viability and severity of vulnerabilities.
  Web & Cloud Application Penetration Testing
We put your web application, servers, and firewalls to the test to identify web vulnerabilities and ensure your site and data are secured against every form of attack.
    Mobile Application Penetration Testing
Mobile applications have security issues all their own. We test both the application itself and the back-end infrastructure to make certain you’re doing all you can to protect your business and mobile users.
    Database & Information Penetration Testing
Our comprehensive database penetration testing will demonstrate if your database is properly designed, configured and maintained, while conforming to industry and vendor requirements. Database security is often overlooked, as it may present a tremendous challenge for security operations and management teams who need to ensure adequate security. The ultimate goal of an attacker targeting your organization is to acquire access to your databases storing critical business information, and this is often achieved through direct database access. Our database security pentesting and audit services are conducted by skilled and certified professionals using industry compliant best practices.
    Secure Code Review
Most code reviews focus on just getting the code to run and identifying bugs. We review your source code for potential security issues and help you wipe out vulnerabilities before you’ve compiled and shipped your software