Secure Overcast -Vulnerability & Risk Assessment 
Secure Overcastís assessment services help your business stay ahead of threats by identifying potential vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure. By providing you with a detailed, actionable plan, you can ensure your business is secure while dealing with the realities of your day-to-day business needs.

A "Blue Team" is group of highly skilled individuals who conduct in-depth assessments of the security infrastructure to determine the "state of security" and identify security deficiencies throughout the enterprise.

The Blue Team works closely with the System Owners and Administrators in an internal (open) process to develop an effective Defense-In-Depth Security Operations Center (SOC), and a comprehensive security strategy.

SecureOvercast has a highly skilled Blue Team. Experienced in advance threat persistence and mitigation, our team can deploy on-site, or bring your isolated systems in-house to test in our secure labs.
Our vulnerability assessments evaluate the strength of your security defenses against the attacks that are most likely to be used by actual attackers. We provide you with actionable recommendations. All findings are rated based upon their risk, the probability of exploitation and the potential business impact. This allows clients to focus on addressing issues that matter the most.
  Security Operations Assessment
SecureOvercast uses years of industry experience and knowledge to analyze your entire security infrastructure. We provide a comprehensive assessment and Security Action Plan to address all your security vulnerabilities.  Utilizing industry standard Defense-In-Depth strategies and incorporating our experience and knowledge, we evaluate and provide recommendations. During the assessment we conduct in-depth architectural reviews, discovery interviews, system configuration and system log reviews and provide structured workshops to help drive infrastructure improvements.
  Breach & Mitigation Assessment
Have you been breached or compromised? Our Breach & Mitigation Assessment is a sophisticated in-depth analysis that allows organizations to evaluate their entire infrastructure for the presence of advanced attack activity. A combination of forensic analysis and real-time monitoring, the Breach & Mitigation Assessment helps organizations identify all existing breaches within the infrastructure, including threats that may have resulted in the theft of valuable intellectual property or loss of data. We will specifically identify losses due to breaches, as well as defining vulnerability mitigation to secure the entire infrastructure.
 Application Architecture Assessment
Testing applications at regular intervals is extremely important, but a secure application architecture that is hardened at all touch-points is absolutly critical in order to maintain a secure application profile. We have developed an extensive application security assessment the ensures securely hardened application components throughout the entire Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC), and guaranteeing the most secure and protected application architecture from end-point to end-point.
  Database Architecture Assessment
The SecureOvercast Database Architecture Assessment is designed to ensure that your database is running securely and identify any areas for improvement. We will work directly with your DBAs and system administrators to investigate the the logical design and physical configuration of your environment to ensure a hardened database with a data architecture that complies to all security standards, PII anonymization, encryption and secure distribution of data.
  Incident Response & Readiness
SecureOvercast provides you with a comprehensive survey of your existing security event monitoring, threat intelligence, and incident response capabilities and delivers specific, cost-effective recommendations for improvement. We evaluate every aspect of your infrastructure during the assessment to address you ability to effetely respond to threat incidents and apply mitigation to ensure the security and integrity of your environment.